3rd annual Worldwide Edgar Allan Poe Birthday Reading

3rd annual Worldwide Edgar Allan Poe Birthday Reading.

We are doing Pit and the Pendulum again, as last year did not have enough participants.

You can also read from The Cask of Amontillado, contact me for details.

Send email to info@macabrepoe.com to be assigned a section. You will be assigned 2 sections, and then you may read an additional section of your choosing if you have a favorite part you’d like to read.

You must record a webcam video ON January 19th, 2013. Then send me the video and I will edit everyone together as if we were all reading the piece as a group.

For more info, visit http://macabrepoe.com/?page_id=239

To Honor Edgar Allan Poe for his birthday, the fans of The Macabre Edgar Allan Poe on facebook are banding together to do a reading dedicated to Poe on his birthday.

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